is a network of around 70 churches that meet each year for RELATIONSHIP, TRAINING and RESOURCING.

We would also like to remind you of our conference in August. We are praying and hoping that we will see you there to connect, grow and share life together!

👉 Thursday 25th – Friday 26th August 2022

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👉 Tivoli Oriente Lisboa Hotel I You can now book your room at the conference hotel. A discounted rate is currently available (Single room: £130, Double room: £140)
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We are so happy to announce our CORE TEAMS CONFERENCE for next year in Valencia, Spain. Save the date in your calendar and be part of it! 

👉 Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th February 2023

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Who is this conference for?
👉 This conference is specifically designed for core team members: key team leaders, department leaders, associate and executive pastors – those individuals working closer to the senior leader. 

What is this conference about?
👉 An opportunity for core team members to learn from each other and hear from each other in a safe and structured environment. It aims at helping them to support and serve their leadership and church vision with their best. Ordination Procedures and Policies provides a service for those who are need of recognition and/or acceptance within their environment as a Minister of Religion. This is known as Ordination.

Ordination is a blessing and not a burden. It is designed to help and support ministers wherever they work, to grow and develop their ministry and call. provides this a service for those within the network and will exercise no controls apart from those relating to “requirements” listed below. Ordination is seen as an effective method of accountability and connection.


To provide recognition and support for those who are active in service and require formal ordination in their ministry. This is designed to provide guidance and advise in ministry matters for individuals. This ordination does not cover a church or spouse but is in recognition of a ministry gift that is currently functioning effectively. Ordination is designed to be an encouraging and useful recognition of ministry but does not prove, justify or validate a ministry. This will always be seen in the work the individual does.

  • The individual must have been in ministry for a least two years.
  • The leadership of are in no doubt that the candidate is called to the ministry (if needed, the leadership of will seek further assistance in evaluating an individual by seeking references).
  • The individual sees their call long-term and on a full-time basis.
  • The individual already evidences ministerial ability.
  • The individual has a Five-Fold Ministry gift.
  • The individual is regularly preaching and teaching.
  • Where the individual is working in a local church under/with a pastor, that pastor must approve the application process.
  • The individual is living according to biblical leadership principles (1 Timothy 3:2-12, Titus 1:6-11 and Galatians 5:19-21).
  • Should hold membership with will ordain those who are unable to receive any form of recognition through their local means. If an individual already holds official recognition (equal to the process) they cannot hold two ordinations.


Application papers are available through Individuals will re-apply each year allowing to increase their relationship and network with the individual. A yearly fee of 45 Euro is payable each year.


There are some requirements (mainly listed above) of an individual to keep in good standing with ordination program. It is not the purpose of to intrude into the individuals life or ministry, but important some basic criteria of good leadership for a church or ministry is followed.

However, there a number of issues that could exclude an individual. These must be proven and not hearsay, and fully investigated before action is taken.

  1. Acts of immorality that violate Scripture
  2. Gross mismanagement of ministry or church finances
  3. Stated heresy that goes against the basic tenants of scripture
Procedures for dealing with these issues are as follows

Any action that falls into the areas can be addressed by the leadership of Where an individual makes an accusation against a minister it must be substantiated with information and where possible, witnesses. leadership will convene and after investigation, if the accusation is fully proven, withdraw the ordination from the person concerned. leadership will then provide support and advise for the individual for restoration

Application process
  1. Contact for application papers and information
  2. Complete and forward to office. Allow three weeks for processing
  3. will contact the individual if further information is needed to complete the application
  4. Acceptance will be sent in writing
  5. Where possible, a leader or representative will visit and official ordain the individual

If a person who is ordained with loses their ordination, is in no way responsible for loss of income, relationship or other related issues. is an association, network, and relationship of liked-minded people and as such, does not accept responsibility for those issues mentioned above.