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Scott Wilson

Based in Denmark for over 20 years, Scott has been a leadership trainer and coach to church leaders. He is the President of, a network of churches in Europe. He is also the founder and Director of the Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management (ICLM). Scott travels extensively, teaching and training leaders on building great church. He holds two masters degrees, one in theology and the other in organisational development. He also holds a doctorate through an adjunct college of Liverpool University, England. He has authored eight books, is married to Linda who pastors churches in Denmark. He has two adult children.

Learning to Relate – Part 2

Integrity refers to the leaders ability to state what they believe about an issue and then follow through on that statement. Integrity is not just the ability to state what the leader thinks on an issue. That is called honesty. Many leaders are honest, but few have integrity. To be a leader of integrity, follow through is important.

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